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We offer the largest number of Soft Skills Training Modules on the planet – with over 50 practical & effective Skills Training Courses that are designed to help you succeed in the real world. These Modules have been compiled by leading professionals in relevant corporate industries in order to provide you with wisdom that textbooks cannot.

We are the best at what we do according to all these corporations: 

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The Modules led us to the top, our clients keep us there

Elite global content

We specialise in soft-skills development aimed at elevating staff to international standards by teaching globally-sourced content created by relevant industry gurus.

Effective delivery

Courses are delivered to be enjoyable, educational, and engaging. Who enjoys boring, drawn-out lectures? Our content is as modern as our delivery.

Follow-up support

Our program doesn’t end when the event ends. We offer a comprehensive post-event follow-up that ensures our participants turn theory into practice. That way, you know that you haven’t wasted your time and money......Click here to know more                                                                                                                                             "lets perfect you"

Our Soft Skills Training Shall Help you to Get in -- Grow-- Lead

Get in! 

Great news for Young graduates

You are a recent Graduate, and you're looking to get ahead of the competition. The modern job market is highly competitive, and any opportunity to increase your employability is vital to your chances of landing your dream job.

Did you know? 93% of employers consider soft skills an essential factor in hiring decisions.  At Northern Bridges, we make sure key soft skills such as leadership, time management, work ethic, and critical thinking are mastered by recent Graduates to give them a major advantage in achieving their dream jobs

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You have decided that you need to master your soft skills to ensure a successful career. Now it is time to choose the skills relevant to your field. With over 50 World Class Modules, we ensure you will master the right program for you. Once you establish yourself in your company, it takes more than just delivering results to climb the corporate ladder. With our modules, you will learn the essential interpersonal communication, along with the leadership abilities required to not only reach top level management, but to eventually become the face of the company.  ..........find out more click here     "lets perfect you"


As we mentioned above, to reach the highest level of management, billable hours and quantitative results is insufficient. At executive level, it is important to understand your actions represent your company's actions. Thus, at higher levels, HOW you conduct your business becomes more important than WHAT business you conduct. With our Modules, not only will you receive the framework for growth and success, but you will also learn how to lead an organisation. Moreover, you will learn how higher-level executives conduct themselves in order to bring more business in. This knowledge cannot neither be self-taught or studied in a book. This knowledge comes from leading experts with over 30 years of experience. At Northern Bridges, it is not only our vast set of Modules that offer you a distinctive learning experience, but also the authentic experiences of our leading trainers. ..........find out more click here   "lets perfect you"


As if you give a Ferrari to a bad driver, and he will lose the turtle race, same if you give the best modules to amateurs, they will spoil the training. 

Our trainers are highly interactive. Trainees wish that this training would never end. Qualified and Professional trainers make sure that attendees will never get bored and lose interest. 

Highly interactive, 8 hrs of serious fun. Most popular comment after the training is “these were quick 8 hrs.,

Management Focused

Interpersonal Skills
Stress Management
Employee Absenteeism
Employee Motivation
Human Resource Management
Training Needs Analysis
Interviewing Skills
Competency Development
Job Design
Job Analysis
Coaching and Mentoring

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Performance Appraisal
360 Degree Feedback
Time Management
Project Management
Technical Report Writing
Facilitation Skills
Introduction To Strategic Management
Strategic Management & Measurement
Strategy, Leadership & Culture
Leadership & Influence
Leadership & Delegation
The New Manager
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Effective Meetings
Personal Productivity

Organization Focused

Change Management
Change Leadership
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Driven Organization
Complaint Handling
Managing Conflict
Negotiation Skills
Enterprise Dynamics
Quality Management Systems. 46
The Excellent Organization
The Work Organization
Organizational Structure
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Issues
Organizational Culture

Employee Focused

Presentation Skills

The Amazing 4 in Amazing Thailand
Group Dynamics
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